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  1. This is great Krshna. A friend forwarded me the link to your blog. The “Dear Bangalore” article to be precise. I liked that so much, I decided to stay and read on. I must say you have a knack of perceiving emotions the way most of us do but reflecting upon it like very few of us actually would.

    I’m staying. And devouring. All there is to this blog.

  2. “Dear Bangalore” is fabulously written…. every Bangalorean like u and me feel the same… every time i visit.!! Thanks for putting down ur thoughts and sharing. Looking forward for more stories.

  3. I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog. But thank God I did! “Dear Bangalore” – so beautiful. I smiled and felt the pain, all at the same time. Keep writing. 🙂

  4. Some really great and immense writings…a link I found out from fb but I can see the depth in the matters to the content and great materials…In short,very inspiring and a great blog.Keep up the good work and follow ur heart.

  5. Amazing work Krshna!
    Devoured the entire blog today and loved it truly! 🙂
    Helped my passing an otherwise boring day in office.
    Keep writing!!!

  6. i have no words to explain how i felt after reading your entire blog at one go,,you truly have a great sense of replicating the exact emotions that one goes through while experiencing a situation in life ,please continue writing and i suggest you could compile these stories to form a book ,its definitely worth it…

  7. Can’t believe you’re my age!! Your writing is so…. mature. Amazing stuff. Keep going. 🙂

  8. Just discovered your blog. Beautiful writing. I Loved all your articles. Keep writing more.
    I loved the piece my son will never rape a woman.

  9. I went through your blog in one go and I am speechless! You have highlighted the importance of subtle things which we generally overlook. It is the cumulative effect of such insignificant things in our daily lives which finally makes us what we are. It is really inspiring and rejuvenating to read such a unique perspective on life. Admire your attention to detail. Looking forward to more works.

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I’ve fallen in love with your writing, its so eloquent and expressive. I’m touched by the emotions you’ve captured and expressed so seamlessly! Wonderful work – Keep going, the world needs a beautiful mind like yours out there! 🙂

  11. I happened to stumble upon your blog and I’m so glad I did. So much power and inspiration in just a handful of posts. It’s the middle of the night on my end but I feel as fresh as the morning dew. Maybe I should stay up just a little longer to actually experience it!

  12. Hey there 🙂 I read your “My Son would Never rape a woman” post , Brilliantly written. A very common topic posted in a very very different manner. Amazing.

  13. sick feeling in the gut. very infuriating. sad part is, these things, these words will never reach those mothers or those rapists.

  14. Hey,krishna gone through your stories.Very heart touching.I was just wondering to set up a wordpress blog on a custom domain for your writing demands recognition.Do respond if interested & continue your passionate writing 🙂

  15. Some magic you weave, really nice reads. Keep going at it, keep us enthralled with your expressiveness!

  16. I was sent the link to your “My Son Would Never Rape a Woman” blog by a friend today morning, and I ended up spending the entire day reading each and every wonderful blog of yours. You are an amazing writer, and you have talent! Keep it up and keep them coming, I will definitely follow your writings religiously! And thank you. I had an awesome Saturday with your blog. 🙂

  17. The latest article about rape that you wrote, I re blogged it to my blog as well .. It’s so sad and unfortunate such things are happening every minute somewhere is the world let alone India…. Such actions have no reason, justification, morals or logic .. The guilt should be killed that’s all .. No more .. No less

  18. First things first. I love your blog name! And second. I’ll get back once I’ve read more of what you have to write 😉

  19. Stumbled on your blog when my friend shared your article about rape. Read ur articles ‘bon voyage’, ‘water’ and ‘long journey short’. Must say that is some amazing piece of writing. Loved your writing style and your through process. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  20. A friend forwarded your blog’s link and m so thankful… This is some work Krshna… Waiting for more posts… And I am sharing this on my fb wall… would love my friends to read u… Keep creating… 🙂

  21. I’m so glad that someone posted your ‘My son would never rape a woman’ on FB. It led me to your blog. You write so beautifully and from a place of one that has had years of living and experiencing. I really hope you are published! We need less Chetan Bhagaths and more Krshna Prashants.

  22. Amazing blog. I have no idea how I reached here, but am so glad I did. Your writing seems fresh and instantly creates a picture in the mind of the reader. Do continue writing with the same vigor.

  23. Liked you style of making a point…
    Be it on social perils or the concept of happiness, your writing shot like an arrow through my mind.
    Good work!

  24. You have an incredible way with words. They say language is often inadequate to express emotion, but your writing provokes astonishingly acute feelings in people. I hope you’re proud, but more than that, I hope you never stop writing. You have a gift – use it. 🙂

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