Of Fittings & Feminism

Where can I find a feminism that suits me?
I’ve been looking for years
But never seem to find the right fit

Did yours come ready-made?
Or did someone take your measurements, 
Write them down,
And make what they liked anyway?

Did they well-meaningly suggest,
That your feminism was too trendy for you
That the pattern was too jarring
That the style is not very popular

Did they remark, that your feminism
Was nice, but a little loud
The kind you wear on special occasions
But is too much to wear everyday

Did they tell you that your feminism
Looks good on Priyanka Chopra
But simply isn’t practical
For someone who takes the bus to work

Sometimes, I’ve worn my feminism 
For years on end,
Only to one day,
Outgrow it overnight

Sometimes my feminism
Makes me feel like a fraud,
Cause it looks like it’s from abroad, 
When it was made just down the street 

Sometimes I feel so small, my feminism
Hangs on me like a sack
Sometimes, I feel so full and mighty,
I feel my feminism bursting at its seams

Making me wonder, perhaps the answer,
Doesn’t lie in the perfect fit
But in finding the right
Social fabric

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