Plenty of Fish in the Sea

I suppose it’s true what they say
About there being
Plenty of fish in the sea

On some days,
I cast my net wide
And catch a school of them
Almost instantly

On other days I wait silently
For that familiar fish
That loves to fall for
The same bait, over and over

Sometimes, I catch a fish,
Reel it in,
Decide I don’t need it
And gently return it back to the sea

You know, I like to think,
I’m an expert fisherwoman,
But I’ve spent all day
Fishing for your attention

Sitting by the edge, patiently
Fighting off the other fish
That nibble at the bait
I saved specially for you

But you seem
To have eaten elsewhere

8 thoughts on “Plenty of Fish in the Sea

  1. Love it that you are back to penning these lovely gems .. this one on unrequited love certainly hit home.


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