A tribute to the Hathras rape case victim

Funny how God
Has the resolve
To stop people like me
From visiting the temple

From drinking water from the well
From going to school
From getting a job

Funny how God
Dictated that people like me
Are so impure, we could contaminate you
With a single touch

But let me tell you, I have been touched,
Dragged, strangled and ravaged
With their hands, nails, teeth
Sweat and manhood all over my body

When they were done, I waited
For them to burn, rot and disintegrate.
But nothing.

They dusted themselves off
Stopped for a smoke
And walked home to their families

No one to stop them
Not the people
Not the police
Not God

And I was left there, barely alive
God, do you sometimes forget

Who is untouchable,
And who is not?

Photo: Hindustan Times

3 thoughts on “Untouchable

  1. Even grief settles down as a mild ache. But the rage. Oh, the rage! It burns long after the cinders took shape.
    Random names which are not ours are carved on the skin; they claim ownership over every piece which is alit. Denied of tongues and hands and legs.
    Now denied of the rage. Blood trembles under tectonic societal rifts. The rage still burns in every pyre which flamed the right to our bodies.

  2. This so beautiful! And so well put! I have delibarely stayed away from the detailed news. Such news disturb me.

    You express your self through writing very well.

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