Sounds in my Bedroom

Facade of building with opened windows and people living inside. Men and women eating, smoking, reading, talking in their apartments. Concept of neighbors and neighborhood. Vector illustration.

From my bedroom I hear
Bollywood hits blaring, well past Anya’s bedtime
Teaching, coaxing and cajoling her to be
A little thinner, fairer, taller
More shy, giving and forgiving

With the promise that maybe someday,
She too, would know how perfectly romantic it is
To be serenaded on the streets,
Followed home & pursued relentlessly
By a boy who loved her so much
He couldn’t take no for an answer

She couldn’t wait.


From my bedroom I hear,
The phone ringing at Minty’s
The calls that are ignored,
Which ring thrice before she shuts it off

And the ones that simply go unanswered,
And continue to ring until,
It is tossed into the answering machine

And while both end in an empty silence,
I can’t tell which one means less.


From my bedroom I hear
Aunty hurriedly moving furniture in her hall
The couch just a few inches to the right
The dining table dragged into a slant
The laptop charger draped across the floor
The bookshelf pulled away from the wall.

On days uncle needed a drink
Aunty needed an obstacle course


From my bedroom i hear
Rahul and Jeet playing FIFA
Discussing politics
Complaining about their bosses

Until it is drowned out by the sound
Of a bed thumping rhythmically
The old bed creaking
As if in protest
or in encouragement


From my bedroom i hear,
Sounds seeping through my walls
To gently whisper a bedtime story
Until my own snores silence them
Until the same time tomorrow.


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