My Son would Never Rape a Woman

sad-alone-cute-girl-waiting-someone-window My son would never rape a woman. It is brutal, disgusting and immoral. He simply isn’t capable of such a thing. She has obviously enticed him. __________________________________________________________

She was at the club when it happened. Short black dress, tall black drink. She stood in the middle of the dance floor, moved her hips slowly. She made eye contact with him. She even smiled. He walked up to her and asked her to meet him at his car. When she declined, he grabbed her arm.
And what a scene she created! She fought, screamed and kicked. You want this, he told her as he pulled her out of the club. NO, she screamed, yelling as he dragged her to his car. You don’t know what you want, you’re drunk.

She sat alone in the parking lot a few hours later. Disgusting girl, she reeked of smoke and alcohol. What a drama queen. That girl, no morals, no values, has the audacity to say she was raped. Should’ve thought twice before getting that third drink.

My son would never rape a sober girl. ___________________________________________________________

She boarded the bus after school. The school bag on her shoulders, accentuating her breasts. It was raining and she didn’t have an umbrella. Her kurti clinging to her body in the most indecent way. You could practically see it. The shape of her breasts, her hips, her thighs. She stood there, absentmindedly adjusting the straps of her bag. The bus moved jerkily down the narrow road. Her chest heaving, up and down, up and down.

Of course she was going to be touched. This girl has no sense of modesty. He went up behind her and grabbed her chest as she got off the bus. Chutiya, she yelled, looking around for help. No one cared. What did she expect. An army to come to her rescue?

My son would never rape a girl who was wearing a dupatta.   ___________________________________________________________

They would whistle as she walked past them. She’d ignore it, walking fast until she made her way down the street. How could you blame them! She was beautiful. Such girls especially should learn to dress modestly.
But she. She’d wear jeans, bright red lipstick, draw her eyes and wear high heels. She thinks she’s Rakhi Sawant. She is doing it for attention, and then she complains when she gets it. She wanted them to look at her. She probably enjoyed it.

She had it coming. One day, they followed her. They cornered her and tore her clothes off in broad daylight. She screamed and cried. They didn’t care. They broke her heels, smudged her kajal, smeared her lipstick. They dragged her unconscious body down the dark street and slashed her face. They laughed. No one would whistle at her again.

My son would never rape a girl who dressed appropriately. ___________________________________________________________

She went for a movie with a boy at 10pm. She probably comes from one of those modern families. Going out alone with that boy like a common whore. She must have had sex with him also. These girl are like that. So loose. They don’t care about virtues, values and tradition.

They stopped them outside the theatre and beat the boy up. They pushed the girl to the ground and held her there as each took his turn with her. Some of them, twice. They walked away when they were done, leaving her out on the street for hours until she found the strength to go home.
What difference does it make. God knows how many men she has slept with anyway.

My son would never rape a homely girl. ______________________________________________________________________

He wobbled in at 11pm. She did the dishes quietly, her heart racing as she heard his footsteps get closer. Tears stung her eyes as he put his hands on her waist. She could smell the whiskey on his breath. He tugged at her pallu, letting it fall to the ground. Not today, she begged. Her back ached and her head felt like it was going to explode.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her to their bedroom. She scrambled to find her pallu as they walked past the hall. Their son stared in horror. He shut the door behind him and slapped her. He told her to stay quiet and take her clothes off. She did as she was told.

What do you mean my son raped his wife. There is no such thing. ______________________________________________________________________

My son would never rape a woman. We’re simply confusing rape with consensual sex. If you look close enough, consent is just around the corner. You just need to try hard enough to find it. Consent is everywhere, disguised in short dresses, drinks, make up, high heels, late nights, marriage certificates and even screams and tears. In fact, there’s a little consent in all of us. So, trust your gut. Consent might just be closer than you think.

283 thoughts on “My Son would Never Rape a Woman

  1. A slap in the face. This needs to go viral!

    P.S : I sincerely hope that people who are stupid enough to not understand the satire do not comment here.

    • Thank you Shmruthi! Please share it if you think worthwhile!
      Oh, really hoping it gets the point across too. I’ve heard these justifications too often from too many people.

      • Yes, the society is filled with such prejudice and it’s high time people realized how ridiculous it sounds.
        And yes, I have shared your article in FB and hope it gets many people thinking.

  2. A real hard slap in the face. I hope the message gets through to those who read it. Sometimes its easy to miss the sensitivity behind the sarcasm. Good read, Krshna…loved it! 🙂

  3. Consent is just around the corner!! Its time people understand the subtle difference. Very well explained through satire 🙂

  4. Wonderfully written. Unfortunately such is the society we live in – two faced.
    This needs to go viral.
    Shared it on twitter & FB.
    Cheers to you… keep writing.

  5. Wow. This was haunting. And pacey. You have hit the nail on the head. Best blog on crime against women I have read. If you permit, I would like to share it further. This needs to be read by a million!

  6. The real dirt is not outside, but inside, in our hearts. We can wash all stains with water. The only one we can’t remove is the grudge and the bad intentions sticking to our hearts.

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  8. Nicely put using the weapon of sarcasm, can’t agree more than this, depicting all types of violence a girl suffers whatever she wear, wherever she goes, whatever her age. That constant sense of being raped exists in her mind, that we all need to stop.
    #SVAW #WIPEOUTMISOGYNY (#SVAW-stop violence against women)

  9. Every has the urge to have sex, but it doesn’t meant with every1. I want to have sex, but not with every girl. Despite that, if a girl forcefully have sex with me somehow, and that’s not the particular girl, that would be rape. There is consent, but not for every partner.

  10. @ujjwal – if you do not get the point of the article, then ask. Do not post dumbass comments please! There ALWAYS has to be consent between the partners to not call it rape.

    @Krshna – brilliant piece!

  11. I doff my hat to you, ma’am.
    You are an amazing writer.
    You take the ugly, misogynistic thinking prevalent in society and display it bare naked to everyone who reads this.
    My compliments to you, for using this amazing gift to improve society in whatever small way anyone can.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. First i thought you are mocking women..but then i saw the sarcastic view and i loved it..i just hope everyone takes it in the right meaning ..This blog is mocking the stupid justification of men who rape women..
    I would like to add further to this Krshna Prashant..
    “consent is around the corner”-What if its your mother or sister giving consent in short dresses or without a dupatta??Will you rape her?..NOO because you know its the same way the victim may be the mom or sister of somebody else!remember that..nobody has the right to rape and nobody should dare to justify it!well done..good read

  13. In just these last two weeks, I’ve read two fantastic pieces by you.
    This one in particular deserves to do the rounds all over the internet.

    Following your blog now. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  14. First, Let me just put across a precautionary statement. Each one to his own perception and understanding. That being said, very well written. A style of writing wherein different instances are choosen which depict different levels of severity is just brilliant. The satirical composition is also perfect. But, what I felt was, the sarcasm was not strong enough. To a common reader’s eye it will look as if you really believe that rape can be justified. Now, even if the main passage contains a mildly infused sarcasm, atleast the conslusion could have explained your true notions. Alas, that didn’t happen. So it was a bit unclear as to what you are trying to get across. Apart from that, as many before me have said, this really is a slap to the face for those who can actually muster up reasons to justify a woman being raped.

  15. Satire or not, both sides of the coin will be valid to the beholder depending on where they want to rally on, no?

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