We No Speak Americano


(Inspired by Speak English!: Racist Revolt As Coca-Cola Airs Multilingual ‘America the Beautiful’ SuperBowl Ad)

Coca Cola’s performance at the Super bowl this year left many fans disappointed.
Coke is now a few million dollars poorer and is left with nothing but a mob of #TrueAmericans swearing never to drink coke again.



Here’s how they did it.


Coke’s recent Ad at the Super bowl works for me. It was light, pleasant and picturesque. It displayed an admirable amount of depth, given that it was on air for 60 seconds during America’s largest sporting event of the year.
Now picture the ad entirely in English.

If I had to review the ad purely in terms of quality (forgetting for a moment that this was an attempt at embracing diversity and all that jazz) I’d still hold that having the song sung in different languages gave it a certain texture, gave it soul.
Coming from India, I especially connected with the part that was sung in Indian, I mean Hindu, oh, umh hindi.

However, the largest immigrant nation in the world seems to disagree.



How cute, America. Getting so worked up about a language that isn’t really even your own. For all you know, English is just the language you learnt first, or the fastest, or had the majority immigrants speaking. It could’ve been any another language from any other country.

For all you know, you could’ve been tweeting about the same stuff, outraged that the ad was not entirely in Hebrew, or Spanish or anything else, for that matter.
So calm down. Its not your language. You don’t have your name on it.

Unless ofcourse, you speak ‘American’.


Some patriots even thought ‘America is beautiful’ was their National Anthem and were outraged that Coke had the audacity to it sing it in a different language.


America honey, your national anthem is The Star Spangled Banner. There you go, Google is your friend.

Meanwhile, other intellectuals were offended that their National Anthem was sung in ‘Terrorist’ language.


Bold reaction, considering America boasts fancy words like individualism, diversity, melting pot, equality and human rights to be synonymous with its name.
Damn it, Coke. Should’ve captured the real essence of America by having a bunch of white kids start their day with the McDonald’s breakfast menu.

“We are a proud Nation of immigrants, home to a long line of aspiring citizens who contributed to their communities, founded businesses, or sacrificed their livelihoods so they could pass a brighter future on to their children. Each year on Citizenship Day, we welcome the newest members of the American family as they pledge allegiance to our Constitution and join us in writing the next chapter of our national story.”

–       President Barack Obama, 2013 Proclamation for Constitution Day, Citizenship Day and Constitution Week.


God bless America.

Ref: http://publicshaming.tumblr.com/post/75447787843/speak-english-racist-revolt-as-coca-cola-airs

8 thoughts on “We No Speak Americano

  1. “Damn it, Coke. Should’ve captured the real essence of America by having a bunch of white kids start their day with the McDonald’s breakfast menu.”

    lol 😀 So true

  2. How true! Being an Indian living in America, this was shocking to me. I’m glad you addressed this reaction 🙂

  3. Ignorance exists everywhere and that wonderful Coke commercial brought out worst in a lot of Americans who seem to have forgotten their US History. But I like to think for every idiot there is his or her opposite out there in the universe. Keep writing – it is really beautiful (all of it)

  4. Haha…nice read….God bless America reminds me of Eminem’s White America. Kind of confirms the second class citizen story shown in the film The Bong Connection. I guess you aitn a Bong but its a film mainly in English. You can check it out wioth subtitles…kinda intellectual…(and prob more itneresting than superbowl…then again cricket and not other games runs in our veins!!! )

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